I need to see the Wizard of Jobs


I’ve written this blog for a number of reasons; I admit that it helps with how I feel at the moment because knowing that you’re about to lose your job does obviously put a dampener on things, it’s good to keep your “creative blogging juices” flowing and I’d like to share with you, the reader, my thoughts on the subject of job hunting because that’s exactly what it is! A hunt (this is where I draw a line on both sides of my face with a black marker).

About me

I’m about to be made redundant and I’m currently in search of a new job.

What do I want Vs what you need?

I’ve got a few things juggling up in the air including setting up my own but I’d like to (for the sake of this blog) keep to job hunting for alternative employment and in this instance; searching for a full-time position.

In this economic climate we must recognise that it’s sadly all about sacrifice. I’d have to look for any job that pays the bills and hopefully that is where my transferable skills comes in.

We do need to be optimistic when job hunting but being realistic comes first… you cannot feed a family on a loaf of optimism.


Any job is better than no job but “accepting” a job doesn’t mean that there’s no road leading to a better or more convenient one.

With jobs becoming scarce, it’s important that we adapt! A job for life was something that maybe our grandparents or parents had, which provided a sense of security. Therefore, the only way we can survive in this world is by adapting to new situations.

Millennials, we need to utilize our youth; we can move around, we are flexible, if we aren’t satisfied in our job then we look for a new one and jump ship as soon as possible.

In terms of opportunity, millennials are more likely to fish for another job than older people. Unfortunately this makes employers doubtful and not eager to provide training or supporting their (millennials) opportunity to progress in fear that they’d leave, which actually does the opposite of keeping staff and increases their desire to find other positions where they can progress.

Progression should mean paying the employee more money – but isn’t that how it should be?! With some smaller companies it’s understandable that some aren’t able to pay their staff above their earnings because it will make a dip in their (the employers) incomings.

But if employers don’t offer opportunities or want to invest in an employee, then why would he or she (employees) want to stay?

Who needs Courage, Heart or Brains?

There are examples easily available online and support in your local job centre concerning how to conduct yourself in an interview, but for this section I want to demonstrate to you (in line with the theme of this blog’s title) how three supposed weaknesses can be turned into strengths by understanding how we all have transferable skills:

  • If a cowardly Lion was in an interview, ordinarily the employer would want someone who has ambition but what if the lion’s description of being cowardly was better described as being loyal, trustworthy and reliable? Perhaps, he is someone who is settled and has ties to the area, so doesn’t want to find another job!


  • A Tinman who doesn’t have a heart – which is open to interpretation; perhaps he isn’t a people person or fails in having compassion? This would make it difficult when finding a new job, however in some roles you don’t need face-to-face interaction. Also, you can use this to your advantage in highlighting that you have initiative and can work effectively when working independently.


  • A Scarecrow who may not have the necessary “qualifications” or “knowledge” could have relevant experience that should be considered by the employer when going through the interview process.



I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog. I appreciate you reading it. Well, wish me luck.

Remember that you can follow my blog or on Twitter @MerthyrRanter. Thank you.


Image courtesy: (Lydia, JobCentrePlus, Nov.2010. Flickr C.C)


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